How to get the perfume into the bottle?

2018-10-25 11:07:31 count:812

1. First prepare a small perfume bottle.

2, then buy a medical syringe (for safety and health), the next step can be divided.

3. Insert the needle into the gap along the interface of the perfume bottle when dispensing. Not every time you can go in, you must be patient and look for it again. I believe that it will always be found. The more noble it is, the more difficult it is.

Remember: You can't be slow and slow, because the perfume bottle is vacuum, it is not very convenient to pump. It must be extracted repeatedly until the needle is not taken out, until the satisfactory amount is needed, and then the needle is pulled out. It is enough to inject the perfume extracted from the needle into the vial.



The first will not destroy the perfume bottle.

The second will not sprinkle the perfume.

The third will not pollute the quality of the original perfume.

Another method is simpler, that is, buy a small bottle with a large mouth, press the big bottle of perfume spout at the mouth of the vial, and squeeze the perfume into it.