PET plastic bottle material stability needs to be improved

2018-10-25 11:07:31 count:813

About PET bottle packaging, because of its light weight, transparency, crush resistance, strong plasticity and relatively low price. PET bottles quickly occupied the market and were well received by manufacturers and consumers. PET bottle packaging has broad market application prospects in many fields such as food, beverage, and cosmetics.


PET bottles rely on unique advantages, the market has been overshadowed by ceramic bottles, glass bottles, and even other plastic bottles of PE, PVC, etc. are difficult to take advantage of PET bottle packaging. However, the PET bottle packaging is still questioned because of the bisphenol A event. Whether the PET bottle packaging material can maintain stability under high temperature environment has been controversial and controversial.

For PET bottle packaging, if the stability of the material is not solved, other types of packaging such as glass bottle packaging will have a chance to make a comeback.