How to choose the label of PET bottle?

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As we all know, the key part of PET bottle recycling is to remove the label, separating the label from the PET bottle body. The cleaner the label and other foreign matter are separated, the higher the purity of the bottle flakes and the higher the quality of downstream products. At present, the main materials for producing heat-shrinkable labels are PVC, PET, OPS, PE, PLA, etc. Due to material performance and overall cost, the current mainstream heat-shrinkable label materials include PVC, PET, and OPS.

If starting from the green design of the product, in addition to considering the above factors, packaging companies should also consider whether the recycling process and label material have an impact on the reuse of PET bottles? This is also the first issue to be considered in the extended responsibility system for plastic packaging producers. In the process of PET bottle recycling, label separation needs to go through several steps:

1. Use a de-labeling machine to peel off the label on the bottle, and separate the bottle from the label with wind;

2. Use the method of water separation to separate the label and the bottle flake under the buoyancy of water;

PET bottle

3. After the bottle flakes are cleaned and dehydrated, the lighter label is sucked out again by suction.

At present, the domestic PET bottle labels are mainly PVC. Because the density of PVC and PET are close, the sorting is difficult, but the mixing of PVC seriously affects the quality of bottle flakes. Therefore, the recycling process of PET bottles specifically removes PVC, and even uses a professional bottle flake sorting machine needle to reduce the PVC in the bottle flakes to a certain content, but the price is expensive.

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