Why is the choice of the nozzle of the cosmetic spray bottle important?

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After buying makeup spray bottles, many girls will find that some nozzles have no way to spray the liquid inside, and they always buy spray bottle products with poor quality, which will affect the later use. We encounter such problems. What should I do? In fact, the editor of Ubond thinks that the choice of the spray head of the makeup spray bottle is very important, come and see it together!

The spray bottle, which has become popular due to its ability to control the dose and spray the packaged liquid more uniformly. Spray bottles are used in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic markets.

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Compared with ordinary blowing bottles, the production of spray bottles is relatively complicated, especially the quality of the nozzle, which will affect the use effect. Some spray heads get stuck after a short period of use, which brings more trouble to consumers, because the contents of the spray bottle cannot be used, and it is difficult to seal the cap if it is disassembled. Therefore, the use of spray bottles for packaging is a double-edged sword. Good quality spray bottles can bring consumers a good experience, while poor quality spray bottles will make consumers very annoyed, and the consumer experience can be reduced to freezing point. .

A good spray bottle can make the liquid in the bottle spray evenly, and can also use up the liquid in the bottle. However, many spray bottles will leave inexhaustible liquid at the bottom of the bottle during use, which is also a great waste of resources.

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