What should I do if the purchased plastic water spray bottle can't get water out?

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Many consumers find that the nozzle can't emit water after buying a water spray bottle. What should we do when we encounter such a problem? In fact, there are four methods that can help you. The cosmetics manufacturer wellpac will give you an introduction below. If you are interested You can see it!

01. We can check whether the nozzle is blocked by foreign objects. Since the nozzle is composed of many small holes, dust and impurities in the air may block the nozzle, causing the water mist to not be sprayed out. We can use a needle to pick out the foreign object.

02. Another situation is that the nozzle is fixed in one place for a long time, resulting in the inability to spray water mist. We can turn the nozzle a few more times and try again to see if it can spray.

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03. There may also be a problem with the spring of the nozzle. If we use too much force every time, the spring may be deformed, so that the nozzle cannot bounce up automatically. We need to manually pull the nozzle up.

04. If the nozzle cannot spray anything, it may be related to the substance in the bottle. We may use it for too long, resulting in uneven density. At this time, we need to shake the bottle to make the liquid in the bottle more uniform.

You can try these four methods! I hope this method will be helpful to you. If you like our products, please call to order.

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